About Kaeru Bikes

We are happy to select bikes and accessories from Japan to provide you the best riding experience. We believe bike transportation is more safe, convenient and enjoyable for the whole family with products designed for city lifestyle. “KA-E-RU” is a Japanese wordplay: the word for frog (カエル) sounds like (帰る) meaning “return”. Some people carry a good luck frog amulet for safe return. Life is a beautiful ride, may yours be fun, safe and stylish all along the way.

Our Story Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, 2011

Our Story

Clementine Climent moved from France to Japan in 2006. She discovered the undisputed champion of the commuting bikes, the beloved “Mamachari”, used by millions of Japanese people to ride to workplace, school, go shopping errands with 1 or 2 kids on board. When her daughter was born in Tokyo, she got a Yamaha pedal-assist Mamachari. It was the beginning of an enduring love story between Home-Nursery School-Office-Weekend activities. Rain or Shine, the Yamaha Mamachari never let the family down!

Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, 2011 Our Story

When she relocated to the US, the Yamaha Mamachari continued to ensure school drop-offs and office meetings in New York traffic. This compact reliable and convenient bike got an incredible amount of compliments - people in New York had never seen a bike like this! So Clementine decided to do something meaningful, relevant for urban families, positive for health and for the environment. This is how Kaeru Bikes was created. She lives in Upper West Side New York with her family. You may see her with her daughter and son, 3 of them on the Yamaha bike, carrying around school bags, laptop, groceries…with a big smile!